Intelligent instead of routine.

Our goal: to make customers more efficient by automating complex, repetitive processes. We achieve this by making the potential of data visible and structuring it to last in database systems.

Our training courses enable you to recognize when the use of AI offers value. Interested developers also gain a deeper, practical insight into data science solutions.

Artificial Intelligence - our training offer

  • Machine Learning 101

    Essentials Training

    Get a comprehensive overview of AI at SprintEins, what it is, where it can be applied and what benefits it could bring us today and in the future. We'll cover the most popular topics in artificial intelligence – focusing on real-world applications and what we've already created at SprintEins.


  • Machine Learning

    Basic Training

    Explorative data analysis, clustering, classification and regression, all foreign words to you? In this training you will learn the methods of classical machine learning. To keep it as vivid as possible, we dedicate ourselves to a small coding example after each theory block.


» The training has filled buzzwords with concrete content and application fields – tangible and exciting even for absolute newcomers in this field! It directly motivated me to participate in further weeklies. «

Theresa – PO Support about the Machine Learning 101 training course

to read

Researchers Build AI That Builds AI — Anil Ananthaswamy

Key Metrics for Data Science Team Success — Josh Poduska

Towards Data Science — News from the World of Machine Learning

Papers with Code — Online archive for papers with source code implementations

to watch

Attention Is All You Need — Yannic Kilcher

Dealing With Big Data — Computerphile

AlphaGo – Full Award-Winning Documentary – “With more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, the ancient Chinese game of Go has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence.“

to listen

Al Today — Podcast with insights and expert:inside opinions on artificial intelligence.

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