Designing software with the future in mind.

We want to be optimally equipped for our projects, now and in the future. The goal is to maintain a balance between quality, speed and costs. New tools and technologies can help, but experimenting with them and gaining experience takes time.

So we take the time: in the form of training courses. This is how we empower developers to make responsible technical decisions.

Development – our training offer

  • Clean Code

    Basic training

    Using practical examples, you will learn what constitutes clean code, which problems we encounter in everyday life and how you can easily achieve a clear code structure that your colleagues will love.


  • Async JavaScript

    Basic Training

    In this course, developers learn how to work with JavaScript. We clarify together how Event Loop, Promises and async/await work and look at best practices. What can you use them for and why should you?


  • C#/.NET Core

    Basic Training

    Using practical examples, you will learn how C# and .NET Core work, which best practices exist, how you can implement console applications and HTTP services and which tools you need. We go through the topics step by step and work on them together.


  • Java/SpringBoot Dojo

    Basic Format

    Dojo is Japanese and translates to "place where the way is practiced". We use this weekly format to practice using Java/SpringBoot together. The goal is to develop a small SpringBoot backend with SQL database connection and REST API.


  • Go

    Basic Training

    Using practical examples, you will learn the basics of Go and valuable best practices. Together we set up a project, explore the basic language features and take a look at testing.


  • React

    Basic Training

    How does React work? Which best practices do you need to know, which pitfalls? In this training you will learn the React basics: Setup (CRA, Vitejs, Parcel, SnowPack, Rollup), Functional Component & Hooks, Standard Hooks, Custom Hooks and BE API Usage.


  • React Dojo

    Basic Training

    In this series of hands-on sessions, we'll dedicate ourselves to React Hooks with TDD, useMemo Hooks, and Unit Testing. We will also look at writing and testing custom hooks and refactoring class based components to functional components.

  • Go

    Advanced Training

    The aim of this training is to become a contact person for all questions concerning development with Go. Therefore we will focus on the topics Collision Detection, Go Starter Kit, Benchmarking, Go Doc + Examples, Parallelism, Concurrency, Profiling, Integration / API Testing / Handler Testing and Database Usage.


  • React

    Advanced Training

    When do we actually re-render? How do I design components independently of BE calls to enable easy testing? Help, I have a performance problem! How did it happen and how can I fix it? In this training we dive into the depths of React and become real experts.


» We had an intensive exchange of practical examples and exercises. In the process, we were able to get to know each other better and share perspectives and solutions. « 

Clever – software developer about the Clean Code Basis training course

to read

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know — Kevlin Henney

Clean Code — Robert C. Martin

Unsere kuratierten Quellen  – on Software Engineering in general, Tech Leads, Go, React and VS Code.

Software Engineering and Software Engineering Techniques, NATO Science Committee 1968/69 – “The reports summarize the discussions at Working Conferences on Software  Engineering, sponsored by the NATO Science Committee. The Conferences were attended by more than fifty people, from eleven different countries, all concerned professionally with software.“ (zu finden ganz unten, in den Anhängen der verlinkten YouTrack-Seite)

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SE-Radio — Podcast with experts from the world of software engineering

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