Changing environments or new requirements can be critical for your project. In small teams we analyze the relevant problems and reflect on wider horizons for novel solutions. And we do this continuously - throughout the entire life of your project.


Based on years of experience in IT we can make the best use of our position as your preferred external advisor. We listen to you and everyone involved in your project. Ultimately, we discretely analyze the status quo of a situation and discover your potential. In close interaction with all relevant stakeholders we proceed to effectively realize this potential for you.

Scrum Coaching

We accompany you in the introduction of scrum. We specialize in international projects involving globally divided teams. In a preparation phase we lay the groundwork for scrum and synchronize collaborations within your organization. The first sprint we run together. We will then provide you with all the support necessary to go even further. According to the principle "inspect & adapt"; we will lead your team to its first milestone: the successful release.

Interim Management

We can occupy key roles in your project for a clearly defined period of time - naturally including the exact schedule for a smooth delivery to one of your employees.


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Dr. Gundula Brojerdi-Heyn
+49 711 67418279

Method & Technology

Method & Technology

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