Agile Car UI

SprintEins enabled a major automobile manufacturer to develop its infotainment-systems using agile methods. New features can now be added until shortly before release, and the time-to-market is reduced significantly.

Smart or not?

Customer expectations for a car’s infotainment system adapt to advances in consumer electronics, particularly in smart-phones and tablets.

Automobile manufacturers have to innovate at ever faster intervals. However, the development cycle of a car remains considerably longer than that of a smartphone.


We accepted this challenge together with a major automobile manufacturer. SprintEins assisted the organization to realize innovations and functions in infotainment as fast as possible, and then to integrate them into the overall car development.

How Spotify got into the car

Step by step, SprintEins introduced agile development methods to the automobile manufacturer’s organization. To this end, we had to convince everybody involved of a common vision – the teams, responsible product-developers, as well as the management.

For this change-project in the true sense of the word, we implemented organizational alterations and introduced agile methods and processes. To complete things, we developed an agile toolchain.


SprintEins developed a custom-made agile-framework, which projects processes and methods, designates all roles including their relevant tasks, and makes every information readily available in a scripted handbook.

The Result

Cross-functional teams developed the car UI according to scrum, and were able to implement changes until shortly before product release.

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