Homologation of vehicles - pulling the teeth of the regulation giant
Whether in vehicle construction, or in the legal department - market-specific automotive production addresses many areas.

In their work, the various groups of people often have to manage data from different sources. The result: a historically grown data jungle with many process creep paths that, with digitization

cannot be acted on alone. Rather, it requires people who rethink processes and develop intelligent software for them.

The times are set for "Big Data". Ever-increasing volumes of data are encountering ever more complex structures. Automotive companies and their employees have to meet a wide range of ever new challenges in vehicle homologation.

The goal: to serve worldwide markets and have vehicles roll off the assembly line in line with market requirements. For this purpose, various interest groups often build individual solutions with Excel, which make the huge amounts of data and individual processes only conditionally manageable. It is essential for users to receive and process market-relevant data and changes automatically. Often, the whole thing fails because of the wrong approach to digitization.

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Our strategy: In order to generate a sustainable solution for digital certification processes, we sat down at the table with a major automotive manufacturer and all associated key people within the project.

Whether stakeholder, user, PO or developer - every point of view was important. One of our most important tools? Asking questions with persistence and thus drawing attention to grievances and opportunities for improvement in the background. At the beginning, it was important for us to develop a common product vision. Using workshop formats and UI prototyping, we were able to identify the biggest pain points of the target group.

With three Scrum teams, we are working to incorporate the needs of all stakeholders into the newly designed platform. In addition, the teams are simultaneously influencing other groups in the overall project in order to jointly create the best possible solution.


In addition to Spring Boot, JavaEE, Apache POI, Kubernetes and JBoss, EAP and Postgres DB were also used as technologies. In addition, the systems were implemented using EHCache, JSF and XML.


Microservice architecture for resilience & scalability


We have used Kafka, JMS, Rest via HTTP + JSON and Websphere MQ in our communication processes to ensure effective and reliable transfer of data and information. The use of these technologies has enabled us to communicate seamlessly between different platforms and applications and achieve optimal performance and scalability.

In consultation with all stakeholders, we were able to create a single source of truth - and thus a central and globally available database for vehicle certification, which can be used for homologation, sales and production, among other things. The extensive and business-critical application is used daily by an average of 70-90 people within the company and makes the users' daily project work much easier. The development makes it possible to show dependencies and create transparency in the data jungle. Within a very short time we have succeeded,

To develop a cloud-based web application that both saves a great deal of time in data maintenance and improves data quality using AI support. The application makes it possible to control a large sum of networked data and processes. In addition to this, information from vehicle development, among other things, is processed and translated in such a way that it can be used by the authorities and the vehicles can be registered correctly. The project started in 2013, has been in daily use since then and serves as a basis for more up-to-date regulations.

It is time to optimize and rethink processes!

We help you with this and walk the path together with you – from the product vision to the finished individual solution.

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Homologation in the automotive industry. Pulling the teeth out of the regulatory giants

Whether in vehicle manufacturing, or in the legal department - market-specific automotive production concerns many areas of the company. In their work, the different areas often have to manage data from different sources.


Vehicle homologation: Complex structures and ever-increasing amounts of data

  • Goal: Serve global sales markets and produce vehicles in line with market requirements
  • Stakeholders often use Excel-based stand-alone solutions for huge amounts of data
  • Automated processing of market-relevant data and changes is essential
  • The wrong approach to digitalisation can quickly lead to problems
  • Falling behind on digitalisation issues can lead to serious problems in the fast-moving regulatory landscape.


Collaboration with customers and stakeholders, including users, POs and developers

  • Development of a common product vision, continuous review, in order to be able to map innovations in regulations in a timely manner.
  • Making new, as yet unknown challenges tangible - using our methods and skills to approach initially unclear and highly complex contexts in a structured way and ultimately conquer the giant
  • Persistently asking questions and collecting feedback as an important tool
  • Successful, long-term cooperation in a major project - many different stakeholders from different departments and development divisions of the client


Creation of a single source of truth through alignment with all stakeholders

  • Establishment of a central and globally available database for vehicle certification
  • Creation of transparency and identification of dependencies
  • Enterprise-critical application, used by 70-90 people daily
  • Cloud-based web application to improve data maintenance and quality using AI support
  • Handling large amounts of data and processes
  • Deployed since 2013, basis for more current regulations


Use of technologies such as Spring Boot, JavaEE, Apache POI, Kubernetes and JBoss

Use of JSF and Postgres DB

Implementierung von EHCache, EAP und XML in den Systemen


Microservice architecture - for failover & scalability


Websphere MQ