Every one of your meetings should be “timeboxed”. SprintEins developed an intuitive and platform-independent timer-app for all of your scrum projects.

Every meeting should be timeboxed

We know from our practical experience working in different projects that the timeframe of meetings should not only be clearly defined, but also kept. Imagine you promptly end your meetings immediately after its timebox has expired. While this might be initially irritating to meeting participants, it will soon yield a positive effect: the following meetings will be executed with more focus on content and result. Mission statement: “Inspect and adapt”.

Timer with scrum, for scrum

We did not find a timer which met our requirements for our projects: intuitive handling, transparency and visibility for all participants, and tailored to scrum (not to mention an appealing design). Therefore with a small scrum team we developed our own - and in style, The result: a truly platform independent timebox-app for all your mobile devices and browsers.

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