Homologation Solutions & Services refer to a range of services and solutions that help your business comply with national and international standards and regulations for products and technologies.

Why use homolgation services?

Some advantages of Homologation Solutions & Services can be summarized as follows


Homologation Solutions & Services can help your company ensure that your products and technologies comply with applicable national and international regulations and standards. This minimises the risk of fines, penalties and recalls.

Improved quality

The applicable regulations and standards that must be met are often very complex, extensive and detailed. With manual processes, processing and complying with regulations is time-consuming, demanding, and also very error-prone due to the large amount of content. Solutions that use technology to automate processes can avoid errors and reduce costly correction processes.

Risk mitigation

By complying with regulations, your company can reduce the risk of product liability lawsuits and negative reputational impacts.

Market access

Expand into new markets faster? This is possible with Homologation Solutions & Services - by ensuring that your products and technologies comply with the applicable regulations.

Efficiency increase

By using Homologation Solutions & Services, your company can save time and resources by not having to research the necessary regulations, create documentation or carry out tests themselves.

Competitive advantage

With the help of Homologation Solutions & Services, your company can gain a competitive edge by responding more quickly to new markets and getting your products to market faster.

Overall, Homologation Solutions & Services can help your company ensure compliance, minimize risks and errors, increase efficiency and competitiveness, and facilitate market access.


So far we offer this service in the following industries: Certification and Automotive.


For our Homologation Solutions & Services we use the following technologies: FRONTEND: React, Angular BACKEND: Java, NodeJs, Go INFRA+TOOLS: Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, GitHub AI+ML: Python


We help you and walk the path together with you – from the product vision to the finished individual solution.

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