Mixed Reality (MR) is a technology that blends the virtual and real worlds by integrating computer-generated images into the physical world. Unlike virtual reality (VR), in which users are fully immersed in a virtual environment, and augmented reality (AR), in which digital elements are projected onto the real world, MR enables seamless interaction between the real and virtual worlds.

Why Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality can combine many advantages

Improved interactivity

MR provides an interactive experience where users can manipulate and interact with digital objects in the real world. This can promote an improved user experience and higher engagement rates.

Extended possibilities

MR opens up new opportunities in various industries such as education, entertainment, design, architecture and healthcare. The technology can be used to conduct training and simulations, create prototypes and improve the effectiveness of treatments.

Cost savings

Durch den Einsatz von MR kann Ihr Unternehmen Kosten einsparen, indem virtuelle Prototypen verwendet werden, um physische Prototypen zu ersetzen. Dies beschleunigt den Entwicklungsprozess und reduziert die Anzahl der benötigten physischen Prototypen.

Efficiency increase

MR can improve production and service efficiency by providing real-time feedback and enabling training through virtual simulations.

Creativity Promotion

MR can support creative processes by allowing user:ins to explore and test ideas and concepts in a virtual environment.

Improved communication

MR improves communication between different parties by allowing them to share and manipulate virtual objects and scenarios in real time.

Better decisions

MR can help with decision making by allowing virtual simulations to be created to test different scenarios and options before a decision is made.

Overall, mixed reality offers a wide range of benefits, including improved interactivity, cost savings, increased efficiency, creativity enhancement, improved communication and better decision-making.


So far we offer this service in the following industries: Automotive and Logistics.


We use the following technologies to successfully implement our mixed reality projects:

CLOUD: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

MOBILE: Android, iOS, Flutter

PLUS: Unity, Unreal



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