Usability and accessibility are two important concepts in the field of web design and user:friendliness.
Usability refers to the ease of use and goal-directedness of a website or application. Accessibility, on the other hand, deals with the issue of accessibility of websites or applications. This means that it is accessible to all, regardless of physical or mental limitations.

Accessible to all Usability & Accessibility bring many advantages

Usability & accessibility bring many advantages with them

Compliance with the law

The Barrier-Free Act (BFSG) makes digital accessibility mandatory for companies. It strengthens the right to participate in society for people with disabilities. The law comes into force on a mandatory basis on June 25, 2025. From this date, the products and services mentioned in the law (including digital) must be barrier-free, i.e., they must be locatable, accessible and usable for people with disabilities without particular difficulty and without assistance from others.

Greater ease of use

Products with high usability are easier to use and can be learned more quickly by users. This leads to a positive user experience and increases the likelihood that customers will use the product again or recommend it to others.

Larger target groups

When products are accessible and can be used by people with disabilities, this expands the product's target audience. It enables a wider reach and appeals to people who would otherwise not be able to use the product.

Higher conversion rate

Products with high usability and accessibility tend to have higher conversion rates because they are easier for users to navigate and improve the user experience.

Positive effects on branding

Products with high usability and accessibility can have a positive impact on the company's image, as they show that the company cares about the needs of all user groups.

Overall, high usability and accessibility lead to a positive user experience and can contribute to customers using the product again or recommending it to others. They also enable a larger target audience and increase conversion rates.


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