A market-ready product always has to be certified for sale first – in virtually every market. Especially security- and environmentally-sensitive products weigh heavy here. For those products the process of certification is likely to be very time- and cost intensive. We are experts in navigating this difficult terrain and provide you with all the holistic support you need.


Offering you detailed knowledge of regulations and expertise when it comes to process development, we support you in integrating regulatory changes in your certification- and homologation processes.


Our software solutions homogenize access to data relevant for the certification of your product. This way we are able to create an efficient process chain leading up to the certification. Our software optimizes the process of certification in order to effectively reduce the amount of time necessary, for instance to file an initial application for certification, the duration of factory audits, or extensions of certification. Our software always comes with an integrated outcome analysis. This guarantees that your system will automatically incorporate changes in the regulatory framework and will deliver them along the process chain without fuzz.


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